Termesos Ancient City

Termessos Ancient City is in the southwestern part of Pisidia Region, known as "Milyas", in the valley between the peaks of Solymos Mountain, which is called "Güllük" today.

It is one of the most striking ruins protected in the forest and is located in the National Park of the same name. You can reach the ruins on Güllük Mountain by a special road that climbs to the left from the 24th kilometer of the Antalya-Korkuteli highway.

The arrival of the city on the stage of history was when Alexander the Great besieged the city in 333 BC and the Termessites did not surrender the city by making a strong defense. After the death of Alexander, the city was taken by the Ptolemies.

İ.Ö. The people of Termessos, who captured the neighboring city Isinda in 189, were punished by the Roman Forces Commander Manlius Vulso in Anatolia upon the complaint of the people of Isinda.

There was probably a war between Termessos and the Lycian Union at the same time. İ.Ö. The issue that Termessos, who had "friendship and alliance" with Rome in 71st, was independent in his affairs and that they would make their own laws, was accepted and approved by the Roman Senate.n